UHF Aerial - Why it is Right for You

At first, TV signals are received through VHF or very high frequency and these are assigned to lower channels for broadcasting.  Developments in TV technology and broadcast industry prompted the communication departments to create higher channels labeled as UHF or ultra high frequency.

What is UHF aerial?

UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency, and as the acronym implies, a UHF aerial is a kind of antenna that is made to receive broadcast signals that throw ultra high frequency band wave. Channels that fall under this category are those ranging from channel 14 to 83. There are available aerials which can receive UHF and VHF or very high frequency signals, but buying inner and outer antennas for picking up UHF signals is also viable and recommended.

Why UHF is more recommended?

UHF signals are usually transmitted in plenty of areas and in addition, the majority of television broadcasts nowadays are made using UHF band wave. Those who wish to pick up signals need to have UHF aerials to get the best TV reception . UHF antennas come in two types of models, the one that is manufactured only for inside use, and the other more flexible and durable model, which is suitable for outside use.

Inner aerials are commonly used in cities because of the lesser space requirement, though the range is lesser than that of the other model. The outer antenna has a much comprehensive signal pick up capability and it is usually mounted in outlying areas.

UHF is more affordable than the dual UHF/VHF model. The additional capability of receiving VHF signals usually makes an antenna much more expensive especially that the device used to get VHF band wave is more complicated and high priced. Since majority of TV broadcasts use UHF signals anyway, you can be contented with the less expensive UHF aerial. Having the UHF aerial for your home TV is the more practical choice for homeowners than anything else.

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