Freeview Installation

Do you have poor televison reception? Well you need to get Freeveiw now... Freeview is digital quality TV reception of all free-to-air channels in Auckland and other regions around New Zealand. Also channel TVNZ 6 (kids programmes) and TVNZ 7 for news and current affairs. The Chinese TV8 and radio channels are also on Freeview TV.

Many freeview installation customers are experiencing the difference that Free view brings to their home viewing after booking one of our technicians to connect them to digital Freeview TV.

Kiwisat can supply and install a satellite dish, Freeview aerials or freeview antenna (providing your Television is HD capable), if you have a freeview television with a freeview receiver built in.

Freeview setup can be provided by the dedicated team of professional installers at Kiwisat. We can set up Freeview TV, Freeview receivers, Freeview channels, Freeview HD, Freeview aerials and help you with your individual Freeview settings to ensure you get connected in time.

We can supply and install for you Freeview Decoder set top boxes (and train you how to use freeview decoders!), for existing TVs or extra decoders in other rooms, so that you can enjoy digital clarity throughout your home or business.  No contract fees or monthly payments, this is a one-off installation cost.

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