KiwiSats guide to Going Digital

By the end of 2013, New Zealand will be watching digital TV. Once you go digital, you get more channels, on screen TV guides and most importantly better picture and sound quality!

About Going Digital

Digital TV - What is it?

"Going digital" or "Digital TV" simply means that your TV receives a digital signal instead of the old analogue signal. A digital signal can carry more information which means it gives your TV better picture and sound quality. The digital signal also allows broadcasters to offer a wider range of channels and services.

Digital TV is allready available nationwide, and most of NZ is actually allready watching digital TV. If you are watching your favourite programmes through Freeview, TelstraClear, or SKY then there is nothing you need to do - you have gone digital allready!


Benefits of Digital TV

There are four main benefits of digital TV; Clearer pictures, Improved Reception, more channels & Enhanced Features.

Clearer Pictures:
Clearer pictures and stronger sound are the most obvious benefits of going digital in NZ. When watching digital TV through Freeview, Sky and TelstraClear many programmes are streamed in HD - this means you are receiving better signal of better quality recordings!

Improved Reception:
At the moment there are alot of areas where analgue singal is poor or hard to get. Digital singal is much stronger and will give everyone better reception, especially in the areas with weak analogue signal.

More Channels:
No matter what route you go down in order to go digital, you will get more channels!
Freeview - If you choose to go digital through Freeview then you will have 11-13 TV channels, which are FREE! Once Freeview is set up, there is no ongoing costs which makes it an exceptional low cost choice.
Sky or TelstraClear - If you decide to pay for eith Sky or TelstraClear, you'll receive even more channels - the exact number will depend on the package you decide on.

Enhanced Features:
Electronic programme guides show viewers on screen menus which show current and upcoming programming - Freeview, Sky and TelstraClear all offer this feature.


Why Is New Zealand Going Digital?

Going digital benefits everyone - it gives users real benefits through discussed advantages. It will also have economic benefits for New Zealand.

Once everyone has gone digital, the spectrum that analogue televisions use up will be now be free. This spectrum (space) will then be available for the next generation of data and telecommunications services such as 4G which will help digital services become more reliable, faster and more accessible around the country.

Gaining the ability to access 4G technology will help individuals and businesses improve productivity, prosperiety and economic growth going forward.


When is my Region going digital?

Here are the key dates for when you will need Freeview, Sky or Telstra Clear installed by to continue watching TV once your area goes digital. Dont forget that if you have more than one TV, they all need to be able to receive a digital signal!

Region Geographic Description Date for Going Digital Time
West Coast Haast to Karamea, including Murchison, St Arnaud and Maruia Sunday 30th of September 2013 0200
Hawkes Bay Approximately Norsewood* to Tutira, including translators, dependent on Mt Erin and Mt Threave. Sunday 30 September 2012 0200
Rest of South Island South Island east of and including Athur's Pass; south of Haast; north of St Ardaud. Sunday 28 April 2013 0200
Lower North Island and East Cape Wellington to Taranaki (Awakino), south of Taumaranui, Ruapehu and to East Cape. Sunday 29 September 2013 0200
Upper North Island The remainder of the North Island. Sunday 1 December 2013 0200

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