TV Aerial Connectors for Clear Signal

The television has been a revolutionary invention that changed the lives of people, especially now that majority of the households in the world own a television set. Sometimes, our time is more occupied in watching TV than doing anything else. One may enjoy television shows if there is good reception. If the signal is bad, the TV programs end up blurry and in worst cases, just noisy static. An important factor to have a good signal is the TV aerial

How can a clear signal come to your TV set?

Signals are captured via the antenna or TV aerial which is usually located outside the house for better reception. To connect the TV set to the TV antenna, domestic antenna plugs are needed so that the signals can be received effectively. Male antenna plugs are connected to female sockets in order to do this. The antenna sockets are often found on walls or on the TV set. Quality sockets can usually be connected only with specific plugs and tend to reject those which are incompatible to it.

An example of plugs used for TV aerial is the Belling-Lee connector or IEC 169-2. It is also commonly called as the PAL connector or simply as the generic term TV aerial plug. The Belling-Lee connector is the pioneer antenna connector for FM radios and TV sets in Europe. It is still popularly used nowadays even though it is considered as the oldest coaxial RF connector. This was invented around 1922 by the Belling & Lee Ltd. Situated in Enfield, UK. Until now, these kinds of connectors are still being used. Some manufacturers have improved the equipment and even made new ones all for the sake of getting a good signal.

TV aerial was unidirectional before, where it has to be rotated to get a clear signal or to shift the reception from another TV station. Development in TV antennas today offers multi-directional to amplified rotating conventional antennas (VHF and UHF). In any kind of setup, the TV aerial connectors play a very crucial role in getting the best transmission for optimum TV watching pleasure.

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