What is TV Aerial Noise?

So you finally said goodbye to your satellite or cable provider? You can still receive local TV broadcasts even without those providers by putting up a TV aerial .

After you have installed your antenna, it is inevitable that you can encounter some signal problems and other glitches regarding the television aerial installation. One problem that can come to most antenna users is TV aerial noise.

There are two common sources of noise: Atmosphere noise and receiver noise.

Atmosphere noise is also classified into two. The first one is the radio wave emitted by a light switch when it is opened or closed. The second one is the radio frequency noise produced by some motors from household equipment.

Receiver noise on the other hand, starts from the transistor where the aerial is initially attached to. The receiver noise is usually stronger than atmosphere noise, which you can easily disregard because its not very prevalent.

Noise on an analog TV channel appears like a snow. This is also called the TV static. Some TV manufacturers tried to minimize this noise production long ago but they no longer make an effort to remedy this nowadays.

That is because most home owners are using cable and satellites and those staying at rural areas use mounted amplifiers outside of their homes. Setting up an amplifier for indoor TV aerials does not produce a significant difference for clearer signal reception. However, you can add an amplifier if it does indeed help clear out noise.

The TV noise can be annoying when it crosses your TV while you are watching your favourite show. Most of the time though, people are just tolerating this kind of problem.

That is why knowing more about TV aerial noise can lead you to think about ways on how to remedy it.

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