UHF Aerial Installation - Learning How to Adjust the Antenna

For UHF Aerial Installation , you can always get a professional to do the job, but of course you have to shell out extra bucks for the labour. Perhaps, at the start you might want to have an aerial installation company do it for you. If you are, however, saving some money and if you believe you are well capable of installing the antenna, you can do it yourself by following UHF aerial installation guides which have clear and simple steps.

Before buying an antenna, of course you have to make sure that you will choose the right one. You might encounter two kinds of antenna in the market: The VHF and the UHF antenna .

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antennas usually bring good reception than Very High Frequency (VHF) antennas, depending on the channels provided in your area.

For VHF aerials :
  • Channels 0 to 2 (Band I)
  • Channel FM (Band II)
  • Channels 5A to 11 (Band III)
  • Channels 0 to 11 (Multi0channel VHF antennas)
For UHF aerials :
  • Channels 28 to 35 (Band IV)
  • Channels 39 to 69 (Band V)
  • Channels 28 to 69 (Band IV or V)

Adjusting the antenna for better reception can be done by you. To adjust the antenna, make sure that the backbone or the spine of the aerial is pointing to the transmitting antenna or broadcast source. For easy adjustment, attach an antenna rotator to lighten your adjustment task. There are remote-controlled antenna rotators and there are programmable ones.

Even if the work is given to a professional, the information in this guide will provide a better understanding of what is needed and what can be expected. You can also shift the UHF areal antenna and then observe which direction can give you the best signal by taking note of the television reception, noting when the television would show clearly display. UHF aerial installation and improving TV reception could be a do-it-yourself job.

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